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Bash-tec GmbH

The company bash-tec offers you high-quality products, primarily for the field of insect protection. In the development and distribution of insect protection fabrics and systems, many of our employees have a wealth of experience of 25 – 30 years.

This know-how relates to the areas of development and toolmaking, from production and finishing, down to logistics. Each of these steps is carried out within the company. Individual customer requirements can be considered and respected, even if tight tolerances have to be taken into account.

The product portfolio ranges from high-quality, functional fabrics to technically  demanding products for  final users. Core elements of our products, such as plastic and aluminum frame systems, various fabrics and microplastic tapes are developed and manufactured in-house. In our coil coating and welding technology, machines are in process being especially designed for bash-tec GmbH.

Both, in rolls and in systems, we supply more than 20 million m² of fabrics to our customers every year. The product portfolio includes fiberglass fabrics, polyester fabrics and knitted fabrics, as well as aluminum and stainless steel fabrics in different  shapes for various requirements, and includes special products, e.g. for pollen protection or pleated blinds. These products are  confectioned in three specially designed cutting centers at  various locations, with a maximum width of 320 cm and a tolerance width of 1 mm.

In addition, we produce approx. 200 tons of aluminum profiles per year for various insect protection products. For our products we own more than 65 patents on different levels, ranging from utility model rights to worldwide patent protection.

Our products, in principle being in compliance with REACH regulations, have also been awarded certificates such as Blue Angel, Phthalate Free, ECARF, ROHS etc. 

The focus of our activities is the realization of the different and  widespread requirements of our customers from industry, wholesale and retail, as well as craftsmanship, which are mainly located in Europe. The role as a developer and manufacturer is part of our “company DNA”, but also with our services in the fields of marketing and logistics we can convince especially our trade customers.

Basis of our work

These are first of all creative, continuous and partially patented product developments, the “know-how” and the experience of our approx. 150 employees at three locations, as well as the consequent use of the possibilities of our worldwide sourcing network. Our headquarters in Siegerland / Germany has 4,500 m² of production and storage space. Together with our other locations, we have more than 8,300 m² of space where,  amongst other items, 2-3 million m² of fabric are permanently being stocked for our customers.


Since the foundation of the company in 2003, the performance of our company has been constantly recognized by the continuously growing, worldwide customer base. In doing so, bash-tec GmbH continuously developed as a customer-oriented and sustainable partner for the specialized market, the retail market as well as the online trade.

Quality assurance

As a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified company, we ensure consistently high quality by establishing and continuously monitoring quality assurance processes in our company, as well as at our suppliers. This is secured by extensive material testing on site, and by support of external institutes.