Fiberglass mesh 18x14.011

CharacteristicUnitNominal value
Mesh densitythreads18×14 per inch²
Mesh sizemm1,53 x 1,13
Thread countmm.011 ≙ 0,28
Open area%67
Area weightg per m²103
Fabric selvedgecut
Windingwith cardboard core Ø inside ~ 4,5 cm
Packagingin transparent plastic foil
For more information see technical data sheet!

Fiberglass mesh for insect screen applications offers effective and durable protection against all types of insects, by providing good light and air air transmission capabilities.
Thanks to its easy handling during further processing and its attractive appearance, the fabric is suitable for a wide range of insect protection applications and for nearly all common insect protection systems.

UV light and weather resistant, even within salty air conditions
fixed mesh and dimensionally stable

Possible production widths 0.60 m - 2.60 m
Dimensions of the stock on request