Tubes for roll up screens

1+1 The best for your system! Your roll-up screen system, your competence + our fabrics, our competence. We can equip your 6m tubes with different insect protection fabrics.

Especially recommended are our standard fabrics FG 18x16.011 stiff, or for excellent visibility and air transmission our ViPer®-VISION PERFECT fabrics 18x18.009 stiff.

Tubes to be constructed by us for your own cassette systems, or for your combined roller shutter / insect protection system,  are available on request.

For the connection to grooved tubes, we thermally weld fabric with co-extruded spline in a fully automated process. For fabric connections to non-grooved tubes, we use efficient double-sided, self-adhesive tape for connection purposes. The connection of the fabric to the tube is done in a partially automated process.

The finish of the fabric at the pull-bar side is done with a thermally welded  bag, including a round  spline. The extra-strong textile tapes for the bags are available in fabric color. Co-extruded splines at the  pull-bar side are available on request.

By use of paper tape strips, the fabric on finished tubes  is secured against  undesired unwinding. As a standard, we pack each single tube in a foil.

Other packaging methods are available on request