Fiberglass mesh 18x16.011 stiff

CharacteristicUnitNominal value
Mesh densitythreads18×16 per inch²
Mesh sizemm1,29 x 1,13
Thread countmm.011 ≙ 0,28
Open area%~66
Area weightg per m²~110
Fabric selvedgecut
Windingwith cardboard core Ø inside ~ 5 cm
Packagingwith cardboard core Ø inside
For more information see technical data sheet!

Fiberglass fabric for insect screen applications offers effective and durable protection against all types of insects, by providing good light and air transmission capabilities.
The 18x16.011 fabric in stiff design is a worldwide standard for use in roll-up screens.
Suitable for all common insect protection systems.

UV light and weather resistant
fixed mesh and dimensionally stable
suitable for use in roll-up screen systems
suitable for hot air-, high frequency- or ultrasonic welding processes
easy to clean

GTINArt. Nr.Article descriptionColourWidth in mLength in mm2 per rollkg per rollVEDelivery statusLoad carrier type
42500867 7363 34797FG 18x16.011 1,40x100 stiffgrey1,40100,0014015,8722horizontalcrate
42500867 7364 04798FG 18x16.011 1,60x100 stiffgrey1,60100,0016018,1322horizontalcrate
42500867 7365 74799FG 18x16.011 1,70x100 stiffgrey1,70100,0017019,2622horizontalcrate
42500867 7366 44802FG 18x16.011 1,80x100 stiffgrey1,80100,0018020,4022horizontalcrate
42500867 7367 14889FG 18x16.011 2,20x100 stiffgrey2,20100,0022024,9322horizontalcrate
42500867 7368 84906FG 18x16.011 2,40x 100 stiffgrey2,40100,0024027,2022horizontalcrate
42500867 7369 54907FG 18x16.011 2,60x100 stiffgrey2,60100,0026029,4622horizontalcrate
42500867 4895 24895FG 18x16.011 1,40x100 stiffanthracite1,40100,0014015,7322horizontalcrate
42500867 7370 14908FG 18x16.011 1,70x100 stiffanthracite1,70100,0017019,0922horizontalcrate
42500867 7371 84909FG 18x16.011 2,40x100 stiffanthracite2,40100,0024026,9622horizontalcrate
42500867 7372 54910FG 18x16.011 2,60x100 stiffanthracite2,60100,0026029,2022horizontalcrate