Aluminum Mesh 18x16.011

CharacteristicUnitNominal value
Compositionaluminum, acrylic coated
Mesh densitythreads18×16 per inch²
Mesh sizemm1,33 x 1,16
Thread thicknessmm.010 ≙ 0,25
Open area%69
Area weightg per m²156
Fabric selvedgefixed
Windingwith cardboard core Ø inside ~ 4,5 cm
Packagingin transparent plastic foil
For more information see technical data sheet!

Aluminum mesh for insect screen applications provides effective protection against all types of insects and small rodents. It is durable, easy to clean, easy to process and has an attractive streak-free appearance.

The fabric fits almost all common insect screen systems and is also suitable for use as a dust protection for basement shafts.

dimensionally stable
strong and durable
corrosion and weather resistant
acrylic coated

GTINArt. Nr.Article descriptionColourWidth in mLength in mm2 per rollkg per rollVEDelivery statusLoad carrier type
42500867 0371 55002ALU 18x16.011 1,00x30silver1,0030,0030,004,8540vertical
42500867 0370 85003ALU 18x16.011 1,20x30silver1,2030,0036,005,8240vertical
42500867 0369 25004ALU 18x16.011 1,50x30silver1,5030,0045,007,2840horizontal